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Portland Small Business Consulting - The Fisher Difference!

At Fisher Business Management, we know what it's like to run a small business. Owners of small and medium-sized businesses have the same needs as large companies. Marketing, Sales, Accounting, Human Resources, IT Services, Strategic Planning and Business Management.

What small businesses do not have is the budget or the work load to hire full-time people to handle each of these different jobs.

That's Fisher Business Management comes in. We are small business consultants who work in affordable slices of time on your schedule. Do you need a Human Resources manager a few hours a week? We are there. How about a marketing campaign? A streamlined accounting system? An operations reorganization? We do all that and more at a price that fits your monthly budget.

Fisher consultants look at your business and ask: How do you want it to be?
Then we figure out how to get you from here to there. We help you set measurable goals and create a plan to make them happen. But unlike traditional consulting models, we don't stop there. Your consulting team will work alongside you and your employees to implement the plan, resolving problems and growing your business.

We don't waste time with fancy jargon or complex systems that do not work. We know from experience what small businesses need, and we offer simple, practical solutions for getting the job done.

Back office support and training!

Fisher Business Management will streamline your back office and support systems, so that you can focus on what you do best your core business. We focus on profitability and accountability. We fix the cash leaks and find practical solutions to your problems. Then we help you build on your strengths until your company and your profits match your vision.

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