Add Fisher to Quickbooks Online

You have Quickbooks Online - Great!
You want to share it with your bookkeeper? Easy!  
Don't want to read, and just see a 45 second video? Here you go!

Add Fisher to Quickbooks Online: Video Instructions:

Add Fisher to Quickbooks Online: Text Instructions

1. Log in to your QuickBooks Online on a computer (this will not work on a phone);
2. From the dashboard, move to the top right, to the gear icon for "settings";
3. Within Settings, under My Company, click "Manage Users";
4. In this screen, there are 2 sections: company users and accountant; 
5. You can add us to either of these sections, and (the delete button is here);
6. You click "Next" in the low left of that screen;
7. Enter my email "", then a second time to confirm it;
8. Enter my name "Barbara Fisher";
9. Click "Finish".

As you share your Quickbooks Online file with Fisher, feel free to send me a separate email with questions, ongoing issues, wishes for the future, or other points you think will be useful to fill in your scope of work analysis and estimate. I will reply to this email with your scope of work analysis within one business day. Thanks!

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